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information needed from xdelta users

I'm in the middle of repackaging xdelta for cygwin 64, and stumbled into
a rather big rathole.  The original xdelta came with a development
library for linking into C programs, but it hasn't had an upstream
release since 1.1.4 in 2007.  Meanwhile, a new xdelta3 package is under
active development; it shares the same command line interface, but does
not offer a C library interface.

At least Fedora has decided to package 'xdelta' as JUST xdelta3 (with
symlinks so that the old 'xdelta' command line still works), and with no
development library.  Would anyone be upset if I take the same approach
for cygwin, and mark the xdelta-devel and libxdelta2 packages as
obsolete as part of upgrading to the xdelta3 code base?  It would make
my life much easier (xdelta3 builds out of the box; xdelta 1 has
suffered from severe bit-rot so that it needs quite a bit of patching
before it will even build on 32-bit cygwin, and I'm giving up hope of
getting it into 64-bit cygwin).

I know recent traffic mentions that pristine-tar needs xdelta; is it
just the command-line interface that is needed?

Eric Blake
volunteer cygwin xdelta package maintainer

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