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Re: Tools can't find ncurses

Am 17.09.2013 01:24, schrieb Warren Young:
On 9/14/2013 15:48, Thomas Wolff wrote:
Am 14.09.2013 17:15, schrieb
checking for working ncurses... no
configure: error: Cannot find a curses library.  Perhaps you failed to
install an ncurses development package?

You may be able to dig more details out of config.log. It'll be thousands of lines long, and the error is rarely right at the end. So, look for something like "-lncurses" or "curses.h". The helpful bits in that file will be nearby. (And not necessarily *after* the matching line!)

You're looking for the test program source emitted by the configure script and the errors your compiler gave when trying to compile it.

The files you quoted are the runtime libraries.

Yes, but OP said:

and cygcheck displays:

So, since the development package does seem to be installed, what does "cygcheck -c libncurses-devel" say?
Oh, I overlooked that one, as it starts with "lib" - I don't understand that output format of cygcheck, actually.

Another issue comes to my mind: cygwin (like some Linux distributions) does not provide ncurses.h in /usr/include anymore but hides it in /usr/include/ncurses and /usr/include/ncursesw. This may likely be the problem; traditional packages don't find it there.

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