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setup.exe and mounting home directory in fstab


I wanted my /home directory to point to c:\Users rather than the out-of-the-box home directory created by cygwin. In order to accomplish this, I deleted the existing home folder and created a soft link mapping /home to /cygdrive/c/Users.

This works great, except that I notice that every time I run setup.exe, my soft link gets removed and a new profile is created for me the next time I open a Cygwin terminal.

Every time this happens, I just delete the new /home folder and re-create the soft link. However, this is getting annoying, so I'm looking for a different solution.

My current solution is to just mount it in fstab with the following line:

  c:/Users /home ntfs binary,posix=0,nouser

This is working fine, but now I'm worried about what setup.exe will do to this folder the next time I update Cygwin. Will it be safely left alone, or will my user profile get deleted?

Thanks in advance,

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