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Still confused about cyg_server vs. user id when logging in via ssh

When I login via ssh, I *appear* at first glance to have the same id
and privileges as I do when I log in directly.

a) If I am an administrator, then 'id -a' gives the following
   consistent answer for both direct and ssh login:
   	uid=1001(myusername) gid=513(None) groups=513(None),0(root),544(Administrators),545(Users)

b) If I am a regular user, then 'id -a' gives the following consistent
   	uid=1001(myusername) gid=513(None) groups=513(None),545(Users)

However, there are some important differences.
1. First and most importantly, when I log in as administrator via 'ssh',
   somehow cyg_server seems to be the real owner of all my files
   (despite the fact that cygwin 'ls -al' seems to mask that).

In particular, 'subinacl' gives
   /owner =mymachine\cyg_server
   /pace =winlawyer\cyg_server  Type=0x0 Flags=0x0 AccessMask=0x1f019f
For all files that are actually owned by me... though it gets the
ownership right for files owned by others.

This is a problem since I use ssh, as part of my backup scripts to run
subinacl to backup acls.

My bottom line question is whether there is any way to login via SSH
and to get a shell with true ADMINISTRATOR privileges so that there is
no difference between a SSH log in and a local login... at a minimum
is there any way to get subinacl to work right.

2. Whether I log in as an ordinary user or as administrator via SSH,
only some but not all user variables are properly set. So, for example
"HOME" seems to be set properly but not for example "APPDATA". I don't
understand why some variables are set and not others...

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