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Re: setup.ini dependency graph?

Charles Wilson writes:
> On 11/4/2013 11:00 AM, Christopher Faylor wrote:
>> On Mon, Nov 04, 2013 at 09:32:10AM -0500, Charles Wilson wrote:
>>> I've got a few cleanups, and then I'll share the result.  It's already
>>> helped me generate a few re-packaging requests I plan to post over on
>>> cygwin-apps...
>> Is this packagable?  It sounds pretty interesting.
> Probably. I could put it in cygutils, or standalone (like the new
> cygcheck-leaves package is a standalone utility).

Interesting, indeed.  I've been working on another script that creates
install directories for offline installation (using multiple package
repositories and a config file to control package selection) that I hope
to get polished for public release.  It doesn't explicitly produce a
dependency graph (I do have some optional debug output that could be
used for this), but it wouldn't be difficult to bolt on (I already have
a hash for the forward dependencies).

>> Would it be crazy to generate this and make it available on the cygwin
>> web site?  Or would the dependency graph generation overload
> The basic processing to generate a .dot file is pretty simple really;
> just string comparisons and hash manipulations. But as Ryan already
> pointed out, generating the actual graph in whatever format, is
> probably compute intensive.

It might be easier to keep things a bit more simple: the most common
question is to get the direct dependencies of a package and the direct
dependents (who is requiring this package).  This graph is almost
trivial and could be followed interactively up or down the dependency
chain with little effort.  It wouldn't look as pretty as a full
dependency graph on an 8k display, but it'd be very useful.

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