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Re: Bind server

  thank you for the knowledgable information you provided.  I am just in the learning phase and now realize how much more I need to dig into the subject to learn more.


Mark Geisert wrote:
> wynfield writes:
> > Looking in /etc  there is no  named.conf file.  Is this an oversight in
> packaging? 
> > 
> > Any advice on getting named up and running (I don't have the expertise yet
> to quickly write up a named.conf
> > file?) 
> named.conf is going to be different for every installation.  It's where you
> define the domains that bind will serve.  There are lots of details that can
> be gotten wrong.  If you get certain specific ones wrong your bind server
> can be victimized into participating in DNS attacks.
> Why do you need to run a DNS server?  Is this for a local network only or do
> you intend to expose it to the Internet?
> The knowledge needed to correctly set up named.conf is kind of specialized.
>  If we have some ISP admins on the list, maybe you'll get more specific help
> but your best bet for something like this is an O'Reilly book or maybe the
> ISC website (ISC being the folks who supply/support bind).
> ..mark
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