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SV: SV: Some first questions.

Hi Daniel,

> Sorry, I couldn't resist. I saw the Matrix movie recently ;-)
> Thanks for the extended output you sent me privately, but maybe it's
> better to keep this public, because others want to know of your
> progress, too.
> I wanted to try to compile the Husky software myself. So I went to the
> Husky sourcefourge page. I downloaded the 1.9-current file:
There 2 versions of this system 1.9-current and 1.4-stable.
To get the sources is to click on upper choice codes for each of the
There is too the way to use cvs to files.
This can be done by cygwin terminal
Make a directory like \husky\
Cvs login
Cvs -z9 co .
Cvs -z9 co -r
smapi-2_4-stable smapi
Cvs -z9 co -r
huskybse-1_4-stable huskybse (huskybase)
Cvs -z9 co -r
fidoconf-1_4-stable fidoconf
Cvs -z9 co -r
htick-1_4-stable htick
Cvs -z9 co -r
nltools-1_4-stable nltools
Etc. for each program, this way will file be the latest sources.

> When I unzipped it to my /usr/src/husky-all-1.9 folder, I saw that it
> where all precompiled win32 binaries. Why do you need to compile the
> sources?
The most used version is the stable version as the 1.9 current is more for
testing and is been worked with.
The version I have tried to self to compile is v. 1.4 as some it is not
working fine on a windows 7 pc system as some of the files do win7 not like
to run without stopping an ask for some question on win 7 and not working.
So I like them to be updated to another name so all is working fine on
windows 7.
Version 1.9 is more updated than 1.4 is. But version 1.4 have a file named
nlupdate where it on version 1.9 has changed name to nlupd but still saying
This is the reason that I for windows like make a fresh compile and own
compile of the programs.

The way to make it function by compiling and install is:
This 2 first and then the others

The smapi and fidoconf must be done before any of the other utils as smapi
and fidoconf is been used of the other programs utils while they being
compile and installed.


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