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Re: Problem with latest setup-x86.exe

Christopher Faylor writes:
> I appreciate your looking at the source code but given what you changed,
> I don't understand how what you did would fix that.  If your changes
> were really necessary then something would have to be seriously wrong
> with mscvrt handling of argv strings.  That points to a problem on
> your system, not in the code.

This is not the bug you are looking for...

The changes from Harry effectively shut out the code path that triggers
the bug by introducing another one.  The bug is in a nutshell, that
"\\?\conout$" isn't a valid UNC path and with the override of fopen as
per the latest changes by Corinna creating an ofstream tries to use that
to get the console output handle.  I'm not sure how to fix this, it
seems odd that there'd be no UNC variant of conout$, but my search has
turned up empty.

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