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Re: : Subversion packages

On 17/11/13 21:11, Andrey Repin wrote:
Normally, you can expect Subversion to transparently operate across different
mix of client and server versions, but they've made a... change[1]... back in
the days, that made working directories illegible in newer (1.7+) clients.
The 1.7 client has the means of converting 1.6 working directories to a new
format. I'm unsure, if 1.8 still have this ability.

You are correct - you can mix different versions of the svn client and server. For instance, I have used svn-1.7 and svn-1.8 clients with a svn-1.6 server without any difficulty. However, if the server is an earlier release than the client then you may not enjoy some of the new benefits that the client offers.

Escaping the svn-1.6 client can be quite tricky, as it is embedded into many different development products and plugins. However it is worth the effort, and I would encourage the OP to upgrade if possible. The fact that svn-1.6 is no longer supported will be an incentive for most companies.

If anyone is genuinely unable to upgrade and desperate for a Cygwin svn-1.6 client then there is always the Cygwin Time Machine - surely this is preferable to the considerable effort of maintaining parallel svn installations.

Regarding you second point: The svn-1.7 client introduced a new working copy format, and you had to 'svn upgrade' your old svn-1.6 working copies. Once a working copy has been upgraded, it can then only be used with a svn-1.7 client. The same is true when upgrading the client from svn-1.7 to svn-1.8: the working copy must be upgraded again, and once upgraded the working copy can only be used with a svn-1.8 client. All of this is independent of the server version.

In theory, it is possible for a svn-1.8 client to upgrade a svn-1.6 working copy, although I've not attempted this personally.


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