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setup's 'Retrieve' package selection option?

By experimentation, I worked out how to do something I wanted to do, which involved using the Retrieve option when selecting packages in Cygwin.

But I couldn't find any documentation for "Retrieve" in:

Is there somewhere else I should have looked?  A Google search of Cygwin
setup retrieve, also didn't turn up anything useful that I could see.

In case it helps, below are the notes I made for myself for the task I
needed to perform.



How to get an updated package set

To get an updated set of Cygwin packages based on an earlier installed
set, run setup and choose Download from Internet.

If you have Curr selected and click on View, you get different views.
One of these is a view that just shows what is available for upgrade.
Choosing all those, and clicking the "src" box to also get the source
is sensible.  (Source is required because many packages don't include
the license files in the binary packages, only in the src package.)

However, that's not enough: doing the above will omit all the packages
that don't have a new version to install.  For convenience of
automated license checking, it's best to do the above (since that's
quite clear, simple, and straightforward), but then to click on View
until you get a slightly longer view (maybe twice as long), that shows
you a whole bunch of packages which will be marked as Keep.  It does
that since they're already downloaded.  However, because the
automated license checker unpacks source files and the binary
packages, you don't want to rely on merging a pristine copy of the
older Cygwin download set with the newer set: it's clearly safer to
just down a fresh set of everything that you need.  So you need to run
down all the packages in this view, too, and click on Keep until you
have chosen Retrieve instead.  Also click on the "src" box after that
to include the source too, as usual.

Then proceed to download.

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