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Re: Path issue with windows shell

On 11/27/2013 3:03 PM, Matthew Lagoe wrote:
im having a problem with paths, when i use /cygdrive/l in the windows shell
it doesn't work however when i use it in the cygwin shell it works fine


/cygdrive/c works fine in both

The windows shell only see's the "C" drive even with ls

C:\>ls /cygdrive/

Cygwin however see's everything

Matthew@Matthew-PC /cygdrive/l/leveldesign
$ ls /cygdrive
c  f  h  l  r  w

Looks to me like you have either alternate tools for Windows
or you've created a c:\cygdrive directory and populated it
with a "C" drive (note the case difference between your
first and second output), or both.

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problem reporting guidelines found here:




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