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Re: Path issue with windows shell

On 11/27/2013 4:01 PM, Matthew Lagoe wrote:
Sorry I did not clarify earlier, I have cygin added to my path and I have
not added anything to /cygdrive or otherwise.

C:\tmp>where ls

C:\tmp>C:\cygwin\bin\ls.exe /cygdrive

I noticed that all the paths that I am having issues with are setup via a
"subst" in windows

You can reproduce this problem easily by following these steps

From the windows cmd.exe shell type

subst R: C:\tmp

This will create a new drive "R" that will point to C:\tmp

In the windows cmd.exe shell type C:\cygwin\bin\ls.exe /cygdrive you will
see your C drive but no R drive

Open the Cygwin shell

Type ls /cygdrive and you will see both C and R

I also attached the cygcheck.out to this email as requested.

Thanks.  I don't see anything obvious there.  I tried reproducing
your problem on 3 machines I have here, 2 at 1.7.25 and 1 at 1.7.17.
They all showed all the drives, including the subst'd drive, in
both Cygwin and outside.  I'm not sure why you're seeing what you're
seeing.  Perhaps if you look at the output of strace when
running from cmd.exe outside of bash, this will shed some light on
why R is being ignored?



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