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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: base-files 4.2-1

Base-files is a set of system configuration and setup files.

Maintenance has been taken over from David Sastre Medina.  Thanks to
David for his work since the 3.0 release.

Please report any problems or suggestions on the main Cygwin mailing

Changes from the last release version:

    * remove permission/ACL settings and corresponding files.
4.1-3 (unreleased)
    * Eliminate Windows PATH from default PATH if CYGWIN_NOWINPATH is
      set.  Record the Windows PATH in ORIGINAL_PATH unless that
      variable is already set.
    * Better guard for non-existent /etc/skel.
    * Improve profile_d function.
    * Add /etc/shells.
    * Use full path for tools and avoid DOS file warning when creating
      service files.
4.1-2 (test release)
    * Enforce a secure ACL in /home /tmp /usr/tmp /var/log /var/run
      using new files /etc/profile.d/1777fix.* written by Corinna Vinschen.
    * Setting CYG_SYS_BASHRC in bash.bashrc has no effect because it is run
      in a subshell environment. Reported by Christian Franke. See

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