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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: perl-5.18.2-1 (x86) [test] Attn Maintainers with perl reqs

On 04/05/14 08:04, Achim Gratz wrote:
David Stacey writes:
  I've built perl-Text-CSV_XS-1.07 for perl-5.18.2 on 32-bit
  Cygwin. Functionally, everything seems OK. However, the performance of
  the test harness was quite poor. With perl-5.14.2, the
  perl-Text-CSV_XS test harness rattled through in 8 seconds; with
  perl-5.18.2 it was 68 seconds (same PC) - that's over 8x slower. Is
  this something you were expecting?
Yes, if you set TEST_VERBOSE=1 you'll see that with the old Perl you've
skipped some 20000 tests with the message "Encode is too old for these
tests", which is no longer the case.  Skipping these tests with the new
Perl gets the test times back to where they were, if not slightly

Thanks for explaining - I hadn't spotted that because the number of tests reported was the same for both versions of perl. I'll do some more testing and upload a test version in the next day or so.


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