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Re: Problem with "None" Group on Non-Domain Members

On May  5 11:23, Chris J. Breisch wrote:
> Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> >
> >I wasn't talking about the POSIX permissions, but about the Windows
> >ACL.  In your current dir, what does `icacls .' print?  Maybe that
> >gives a clue.
> Mea culpa. I should read better. I could have included that the last time.
> $ icacls .
> . WIN8-VM\Chris:(F)
>   BUILTIN\Users:(RX)
>   Everyone:(RX)
>   NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users:(OI)(CI)(IO)(M)
>   Everyone:(OI)(CI)(IO)(RX)
> Successfully processed 1 files; Failed processing 0 files
> That doesn't seem too terribly strange to me.
> >
> >>[...]
> >>Taking the example one step farther:
> >>
> >>$ chmod 600 bar
> >>$ ls -l bar
> >>-rw-rw---- 1 Chris None 0 May  5 10:10 bar
> >>$ chmod 400 bar
> >>$ ls -l bar
> >>-r--r----- 1 Chris None 0 May  5 10:10 bar
> >
> >   vmbert8164+lcorinna@vmbert8164 ~
> >   $ chmod 400 bar
> >
> >   vmbert8164+lcorinna@vmbert8164 ~
> >   $ ls -l bar
> >   -r-------- 1 vmbert8164+lcorinna vmbert8164+None 0 May  5 16:41 bar
> >
> >So I'd say it's not a generic issue but something in your environment.
> >It would be nice to know what that is, of course.  Maybe there's some
> >security setting?!?
> >
> Thanks for looking into this, Corinna. Apparently this is my
> problem, and not a Cygwin/Windows issue. That's rather odd, because
> the two machines I have tested this on are nothing alike, other than
> both being Windows 8.1 machines. They weren't even set up by the
> same people, or following the same (or any) script.
> In both cases, I am logging on to the machine with a "Microsoft
> Account":

Hmm, maybe that's the problem.  This "Microsoft Account" stuff might
influence how the underlying OS handles permissions.  I would never
touch this stuff ;)

For testing you could try to create a normal local account, add it to
/etc/passwd and run the above under this account.  If it behaves
differently (correct, that is), it's a something weird with these MS
accounts.  But then again, I wouldn't know how to "fix" this, other 
than to suggest to use a normal account instead.

> I'll dig a little more on my own. I don't want to waste bandwidth on
> the Cygwin list for what appears to be a Stupid User Error.

Nah, at this point we really don't know why this happens on your machine
and it could easily be somebody elses fault.

An strace of `chmod 400 bar' might sched some light on this issue, but I
have a gut feeling the underlying WIndows call will not even return an
error code...


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