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Re: Setting up Apache2 with mod_perl and Apache2::AuthCookieLDAP

On 5/6/2014 12:33 PM, Warren Young wrote:
On 5/6/2014 11:42, Andrew DeFaria wrote:
I could just switch to a Linux server but I figured I'd try my
Windows laptop first.

Don't neglect the option of running a minimal Linux VM on the laptop.
You can shove a headless Linux VMs into a pretty small slice of RAM.

Well I do happen to have a Linux VM but usually I'm just given a Windows laptop by my clients and must press on. Sure I could download and install vmware and get a Linux VM setup but that's a lot of work to do to set up a machine I'm basically only using for one thing. Sure setting up Cygwin takes work/care/feeding but I can then use that Cygwin installation all the time to connect to and develop stuff.

Goal: Set up Apache2 on my Windows laptop with mod_perl

mod_perl has been slowly dying for years.  It's not dead yet (*thwack*)
but it pretty much only works with Apache 2.2 and older.  RHEL7 won't
include it at all, because it will ship with Apache 2.4.6.  There are
third-party patches floating around the net that restore compatibility,
but this isn't the sort of thing you want to be building programs
against that have to live for many years to come.


Yeah thanks for all of that but really my real goal was just to get Apache2::AuthCookieLDAP working. That seems to require mod_perl. Of course if mod_perl is dying then that brings in the question of "Is it worth it to develop a login page to authenticate with Active Directory and store cookies to ease logins if this all might be going away?".

... <interesting info deleted but I will read up on it later - thanks! ...

If you do go with Dancer or something like it, you don't need to use
Cygwin Apache.  The native Windows version of Apache will perform much
better, and when used as a reverse proxy, you probably won't need any of
the benefits you get from using Cygwin Apache which native Apache
wouldn't have, such as the ability to compile and load some of the more
esoteric modules that only build on POSIXy systems.

First problem (minor): I can't figure out how to install Apache2 as a
Windows service.

Another reason to native Windows Apache instead.

Personally I prefer Cygwin Apache because all of the pathing then can be POSIX-like and can easily port to Linux systems later on. Plus Cygwin's Perl is, IMHO, far superior to ActiveState.

However I had set up Apache2 as a Windows service before so I know it's doable. I just forget how to do it! ;-) I thought it was just to specify -k or perhaps -DNO_DETACH or something like that...

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