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strace and sigprocmask

Running on Windows 8.1, with 32-bit Cygwin v1.7.29.

I've taken straces of a problematic area of xemacs, tidied them, and
am trying to locate significant differences.

I'm seeing something I don't understand, which isn't causing a crash
so probably isn't significant, but I'd like to understand it better.

strace 1 has:
 [main] PID1  sigprocmask:  0   =   sigprocmask(2647444,   0xNULL, 0xNULL)
where strace 2 has:
 [main] PID1  sigprocmask:  0   =   sigprocmask(2649272,   0xNULL, 0xADDR)

Similar lines appear frequently in both straces.

Either I don't understand strace output, or this is bizarre -- the
first arg to sigprocmask should always be 0, 1 or 2, right?

I'd welcome any help in understanding how I should be reading this,
and more generally, how I could have found the answer to my question


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