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Re: Setting up Apache2 with mod_perl and Apache2::AuthCookieLDAP

Greetings, Andrew DeFaria!

>> I still think you're begging for trouble by building new software on top
>> of mod_perl in 2014, though. :)

> I'm tempted to say: "I'm a consultant and trouble rarely follows me" ;-) 
> however I am also a professional. Still I do what my client asks me to 
> do. The client didn't even ask me to use mod_perl! In fact they don't 
> use it but wanted to start (that's how far behind they are(?)).

> I don't even understand why I need mod_perl at all... I just want to 
> authenticate via LDAP to the Active Directory domain server. I set up 
> the basic authentication using LDAP/Active Directory authentication but 
> the boss is saying he'd like it make it more convenient for the 
> engineers and use cookies so they don't have to log in every time they 
> restart their browser. I looked up about authentication and cookies and 
> that led me to Apache2::AuthCookieLDAP, which is pulling in the whole 
> mod_perl thing...

Native Apache + mod_sspi (transparent authentication for browsers supporting
NTLM web auth).
Don't know, in which state of things it is ATM, but that's what I was using
back in the days of Windows server.

> ... You're in a twisty maze of dependencies, all different...

If you clearly state, what you actually want to do, the answer usually float
to the top.

Andrey Repin ( 10.05.2014, <16:35>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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