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How do start a cygwin shell session from a script ?


I have a CMake build script for my application, that among other
things tries to build libvpx (open-source video codec, see

libvpx library v1.3.0 compiles fine by hand when I open a cygwin
terminal from the Windows start menu and type in the needed
`configure`; `make` and `make install` commands.

But when I try to invoke the cygwin shell from my build script, to run
the same 3 commands with the -lc option to sh.exe (same command line),
something happens and the build commands no longer work like in the
real mintty terminal. Then my build fails.

I believe there is something in the cygwin shell session or
environment that I do not know how to set right when invoking
$(CYGWIN_DIR)/bin/sh from my CMake script.

Is there a way for me to start a cygwin shell session from the build
script, that is identical to the one that opens in the mintty terminal
from the start menu, and run some commands there ?

I checked the environment variables and umask in the mintty terminal
and in a /bin/sh session that I launch, they are the same in both
cases. I tried using /bin/sh, /bin/bash, /bin/dash, with both --login
and -c options. But the automated build always fails, and the manual
build works.

Thank you,
Timothy Madden

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