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screen on 64-bit mangles mintty/buffer


This is a problem that I noticed some time last year, so I apologise for
sitting on it for so long. I actually started drafting a number of
emails to report but never committed.

The problem only occurs with screen on 64-bit Cygwin. The 32-bit appears
to work correctly. The problem is that when screen is run in mintty, it
seems to exclude the bottom line, reducing the actual size of the
buffer. Further, something goes awry at the top. So that if you run
emacs -nw or less from within, scrolling via the keys acts very

If you detach or simply exit the screen session, the problem carries on
on the mintty you are left with.

You can resolve this by resizing the window (and back). Everything then
returns to normal.

It is interesting to me that the problem also occurs if I ssh into the
64-bit Cygwin install via Putty. However, the problem only occurs from
within the screen session. When you detach or exit, the original Putty
session/buffer is uncorrupted.

My foolishness in not reporting this as soon as I detected it is that
my attempts to bisect/rollback to a period where my recollection
suggests the problem did not exist, have not succeeded. In other words,
my tests indicate this has been around since screen was built and
released for 64-bit Cygwin.

I was hoping to understand the terminal handling and suggest a fix, but
it is a little bit beyond my capability at the moment. Any help would
be appreciated (I usually quarantine one mintty which I use for managing
a handful of screen sessions to work around the problem).


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