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Re: Emacs-w32... crashing problem

On 5/13/2014 8:16 AM, Zdzislaw Meglicki wrote:
Well, the crashing problem in emacs-w32 is greatly improved,
yet, the program still crashed on me yesterday, after a good
few days of seamless performance. The emacs-version function

"GNU Emacs (x86_64-unknown-cygwin)
  of 2014-05-03 on Fiona"

Please describe the crash in more detail. What were you doing when it happened? Did the window just disappear, or did you get a dialogue box asking if you want to attach a debugger? Did you get any messages in the terminal that emacs was started from? Is there a stackdump file?

Can you still get a crash if you start emacs with the -Q option? I realize that it might take several days before you know the answer.

Can you run emacs under gdb and try to get a backtrace when it crashes? You'll have to install the emacs-debuginfo package. And you may have to experiment with breakpoints, but I would start by setting one at emacs_abort.


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