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Re: Update CoreUtils

On Tue, May 13, 2014 at 1:36 PM, Chris J. Breisch wrote:
> Of course, if you haven't yet successfully built the version of the package
> you want to maintain, haven't applied the necessary Cygwin patches, and
> haven't gotten it to successfully work on your machine, then it's a bit
> ludicrous to expect someone to name you the maintainer of said package. You
> haven't shown any evidence of your ability to perform in that capacity.

# Bash
Yes, I have built up to date Bash, this would be my pick if I am allowed
maintainer as I feel it is an important package that should be up to date.

# Git
I have built up to date Git as well, but between Adam Dinwoodie build and
CygwinPorts build Git is "good enough" for now

# CoreUtils
I think I tried and failed to built this a year ago, lately I wanted an up to
date version of "dd" for the "skip_bytes" option, but I dont really need that
now, so it is lower priority

# apt-cyg
I just to add for Christopher Faylor and others that I maintain "apt-cyg" a
Cygwin package manager.
Granted it is not an official package such as Bash, but it is something.

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