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Re: Emacs-w32... crashing problem

On 5/13/2014 5:25 PM, Zdzislaw Meglicki wrote:
Ken Brown writeth:

Please describe the crash in more detail.
What were you doing when it happened?  Did
the window just disappear, or did you get
a dialogue box asking if you want to attach
a debugger?  Did you get any messages in the
terminal that emacs was started from?  Is
there a stackdump file?

The window just disappeared. There was no dialogue
box that would let me attach gdb to the process.
I did not run it under "-Q" at the time, and I do
not have a stackdump file (I deleted it).

I will keep an eye on this and if it crashes
again, hopefully letting me attach gdb, I'll
post a backtrace and the stackdump file, if you'd
like to have a look at it.

You don't have to wait for it to crash. If you have an emacs running right now, you can go ahead and attach gdb and then continue working in emacs. Or you can just start emacs under gdb to begin with.

One other thing you could try is to install a Cygwin snapshot ( There were some problems with exception handling on 64-bit Cygwin. Corinna fixed most of these for cygwin-1.7.29, but I think there was one further fix after that.


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