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Re: Does /etc/profile need to set MANPATH?

On 15.05.2014 15:39, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> You still have to be able to handle MANPATH.  Unfortunately the man page
> of man-db is a little tight-lipped on how MANPATH is handled exactly,
> other than that "its value is used as the path to search  for manual
> pages."
> Whatever man does with MANPATH, it doesn't drop the default man paths,
> apparently.
> [...time passes...]
> Hmm.  Interesting enough, the current /etc/man.conf already contains
> /usr/ssl/man.  How long is it doing that already?  If I had known that,
> I'd removed the /etc/profile.d/openssl.* files long ago :|
> Corinna

Dear all

AFAIK the behavior is as usual for *NIX search paths, with two notable exceptions:

* A trailing or leading colon means that at this position the default search path from the configuration files is inserted
* A double-colon (::) anywhere means that at this position the default search path is inserted

Refer to the ENVIRONMENT section of manpath(1),

Cheers, and a pleasant weekend


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