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g++ fails in cc1plus due to path

I'm running 32 bit Cygwin on a 64 bit machine to build 32 bit binaries.  Trying to build a simple program fails due to a pathing issue related to g++/cc1plus.  I've tried several Cygwin re-installs, so that is not the issue.  Calling "g++ foo.cpp" just hangs and never terminates.  The program is a simple: int main(){return 0;}.  

I get the following from strace.  This shows that the initialization path is \??\C:\Windows instead of \??\C:\cygwin.  I don't know where this is coming from.

    0       0 [main] cc1plus (9284) **********************************************
  192     192 [main] cc1plus (9284) Program name: C:\cygwin\lib\gcc\i686-pc-cygwin\4.8.2\cc1plus.exe (windows pid 9284)
   45     237 [main] cc1plus (9284) OS version:   Windows NT-6.1
   53     290 [main] cc1plus (9284) **********************************************
1209    1499 [main] cc1plus (9284) sigprocmask: 0 = sigprocmask (0, 0x6123D468, 0x610FBA10)
  518    2017 [main] cc1plus 9284 open_shared: name shared.5, n 5, shared 0x60FF0000 (wanted 0x60FF0000), h 0x8C, *m 0
   81    2098 [main] cc1plus 9284 shared_info::initialize: Installation root: <\??\C:\Windows> key: <090b3d8675b3a96d>

At the end of the output, I see this, which is a problem because it's a blocking read to a path that doesn't exist.

   56  157867 [main] cc1plus 9284 path_conv::check: this->path(C:\Windows\usr\include), has_acls(1)
   37  157904 [main] cc1plus 9284 __set_errno: int stat_worker(path_conv&, __stat64*):1858 setting errno 2
   37  157941 [main] cc1plus 9284 stat_worker: -1 = (\??\C:\Windows\usr\include,0x1C8AAC0)
1780  159721 [main] cc1plus 9284 time: 1400604366 = time(0)
   38  159759 [main] cc1plus 9284 fstat64: 0 = fstat(0, 0x80056750)
   58  159817 [main] cc1plus 9284 read: read(0, 0x8006C528, 8192) blocking

Thanks so much for your help!

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