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Re: g++ fails in cc1plus due to path

Cook, Henry wrote:
I'm running 32 bit Cygwin on a 64 bit machine to build 32 bit binaries.
> Trying to build a simple program fails due to a pathing issue related
> to g++/cc1plus.  I've tried several Cygwin re-installs, so that is not
> the issue.  Calling "g++ foo.cpp" just hangs and never terminates.
> The program is a simple: int main(){return 0;}.

1) I'm going to beat everyone else to the punch and suggest you go here:

In particular, a cygcheck output looks like it might be useful.

2) Can you please convince your mail program to put in a line break occasionally?

3) I think I disagree with you that your install is not the issue, since your test program compiles and runs perfectly for me.

I did change the return value to 5 for testing purposes.

$ cat > foo.cpp << EOF
> int main() { return 5; }
$ g++ foo.cpp
$ ./a.exe
$ echo $?

I get the following from strace.  This shows that the initialization path
> is \??\C:\Windows instead of \??\C:\cygwin. I don't know where this is coming from.

     0       0 [main] cc1plus (9284) **********************************************
   192     192 [main] cc1plus (9284) Program name: C:\cygwin\lib\gcc\i686-pc-cygwin\4.8.2\cc1plus.exe (windows pid 9284)
    45     237 [main] cc1plus (9284) OS version:   Windows NT-6.1
    53     290 [main] cc1plus (9284) **********************************************

I don't see any initialization path stuff in my strace. I suspect you have an old cygwin1.dll somewhere, and running cygcheck as described on the "Reporting Problems" page linked above will likely point that out.

Are you running cc1plus directly?

Chris J. Breisch

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