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Re: g++ fails in cc1plus due to path

On 05/20/2014 08:33 PM, Chris J. Breisch wrote:
Hi Henry.

Cook, Henry wrote:
Thanks Chris.  It was indeed the cygwin1.dll.  I have an old version of
 > cygwin installed (2.774) along with this one 2.850 (32 bit).  All of
 > the mirrors are down from that version, so I installed a new one.
 > Reading the forum, I thought it was OK to have multiple versions
 > of cygwin installed, but I suppose the cygwin1.dll file is an
 > exception to that.

I don't know where you came up with those version numbers. I've never seen
any versions like those. I am pretty sure that the current version of Cygwin
is 1.7.29-2.

Those would be setup*.exe version numbers rather than package version
numbers.  Unfortunately, they aren't helpful for understanding anything
other than the version of setup*.exe that was used to install the
various packages.



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