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Re: Installing a program as a Windows service on Windows 8.1

You may need to open the properties dialogue for that file and edit
the properties. I have run into similar problems myself (installing a
DLL via a makefile causes the loss of the execute permission in my
case. No idea why.)

To do this, select the file in question in Windows Explorer and press
the right mouse button. You need the security tab and the permissions
are best set to "ful control" - more than necessary, I guess, but



2014-05-21 13:23 GMT+02:00 Nick Urbanik <>:
> Dear Folks,
> I have written a Perl program that I want to run as a service on
> Windows 8.1.  However, when I type:
> cygrunsrv -I NAME -p /path/to/NAME
> Note: NAME has execute permissions, and can be run.
> I get the error message:
> cygrunsrv: Error installing a service: OpenSCManager: Win32 error 5:
> Access is denied.
> I am doing this from an account that is shown as "Administrator".  I
> am not very familiar with Windows; I only use it to solve problems
> that other users of it are having.  Any suggestions are most welcome.
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> Nick Urbanik    
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