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make install problem for emms (Permission denied)

While trying a fix for this emms build bug: I ran
into a strange problem:

install -m 644 lisp/emms-info-mp3info.el lisp/tq.el lisp/emms-url.el lisp/emms-player-mpg321-remote.el lisp/emms-mode-line-icon.el lisp/emms-info-metaflac.el lisp/emms-metaplaylist-mode.el lisp/emms-score.el lisp/emms-volume.el lisp/emms-info-ogginfo.el lisp/emms-last-played.el lisp/emms-playing-time.el lisp/emms-player-simple.el lisp/emms-librefm-scrobbler.el lisp/emms-stream-info.el lisp/emms-cue.el lisp/emms-player-xine.el lisp/emms-tag-editor.el lisp/emms-librefm-stream.el lisp/emms-playlist-sort.el lisp/emms-player-mpd.el lisp/emms.el lisp/emms-info-libtag.el lisp/later-do.el lisp/emms-setup.el lisp/emms-mode-line.el lisp/emms-player-mplayer.el lisp/emms-history.el lisp/emms-cache.el lisp/emms-maint.el lisp/emms-compat.el lisp/emms-playlist-limit.el lisp/emms-auto.el lisp/emms-volume-amixer.el lisp/emms-i18n.el lisp/emms-playlist-mode.el lisp/jack.el lisp/emms-player-vlc.el lisp/emms-lyrics.el lisp/emms-streams.el lisp/emms-mark.el lisp/emms-info.el lisp/emms-source-playlist.el lisp/emms-source-file.el lisp/emms-browser.el lisp/emms-bookmarks.el /usr/local/share/emacs/site-lisp/emms

make: execvp: install: Permission denied

I think this is Cygwin-specific.  I see some similar problems in cygwin
list archives, but they occured a long ago and there are not much

Yes, all permissions seem to be ok.

However, some days ago it worked, probably I updated Cygwin since then,
I don't remember exactly.  If yes, then it was an update from
November-2013 version to the current.  I tried a snapshot from that time
and a latest snapshot, both with no luck.

Any thoughts?


Filipp Gunbin

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