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Re: Are there any SELinux tools available for Cygwin?

On Sat, May 31, 2014 at 4:40 AM, PolarStorm wrote:
> Warren Young wrote
>> There is an excellent tool for managing SELinux on remote machines, and
>> it is packaged for Cygwin.  It is called ssh.
> Perhaps you have a package to prevent idiots from answering here as well?
> Install it please.

There is no need for hostility here.  Anyways back on topic.

I personally don't see a point in building userland SELinux tools for
Cygwin.  As Warren pointed out already it may be simpler to just ssh
into the box in question and generate it from there.  I took a look
and building the tools may be quite a task.  It looks like at least a
few dependencies may need to be built.  I have not attempted this
myself but you are welcome to do so.

With that in mind a quick look in the packages list (available on the
website) or via an internet search (eg: google or bing) would of
revealed that none exist yet.

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