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Re: Bash silently truncates the Command Line when called programatically via CreateProcess as MAXPATHLEN was reduced to 8192 from 16384

On 31/05/2014 14:28, Abhijit Bhattacharjee wrote:
> ...
> Qs/Stmt: Possibly setting the CYGWIN environment variable to "noglob"
> might cause things to work as desired.
> Ans: I am yet to test this, but I trust your answer. I am yet to
> figure out as to how I can set the environment variables CYGWIN with
> multiple values i.e. I need to set it with nodosfilewarning and
> noglob. I was trying to read though your code and seems to
> me I can simply separate it with a delimiter. Your documentation is
> silent about it. If you know it off hand, please let me know, that
> will reduce some effort for me to read and debug though your code :-)

Hmm - you didn't look very hard.  Why not read the Cygwin User manual - in
particular this section:

where it clearly says the items are space-separated.

-- Cliff

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