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Re: Are there any SELinux tools available for Cygwin?

Robert Pendell-5 wrote
> I personally don't see a point in building userland SELinux tools for
> Cygwin.  As Warren pointed out already it may be simpler to just ssh
> into the box in question and generate it from there.  I took a look
> and building the tools may be quite a task.  It looks like at least a
> few dependencies may need to be built.  I have not attempted this
> myself but you are welcome to do so.

Thanks for reply.
That is obvious, and why I asked about this in the first place. I'd like to 
refrain from having to run long remote sessions on each machine while 
experimentally editing all the various policy files. Downloading all files
one go and doing analysis and editing locally, is why I wanted to do this 
on Cygwin. 

The recent popularity of SELinux enabled distributions, will certainly
that more people will get involved with various SELinux policies. Another 
point is that there seem to exist ~3 different "flavors" of SELinux 
implementations, where the last addition is the SEAndroid by Google.

As the next generation (>=KitKat) of Android mobile devices will all be 
distributed with SEAndroid in Enforced mode, by default. These tools
will be exponentially of more interest to developers, as local editing
on mobile devices are either crippled, poorly implemented and tested, 
or extremely inconvenient. 

> With that in mind a quick look in the packages list (available on the
> website) or via an internet search (eg: google or bing) would of
> revealed that none exist yet.

Which is why I posted and asked here. I was hoping someone else would 
have been interested enough to have tried to build these. Building these
by myself would indeed be something way above my head, especially as
I am very new to -- and still learning proper SELinux usage.  

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