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Re: Too many mailing lists

On 6/21/2014 19:23, Andrey Repin wrote:
5. cygwin-patches
This one's going to be missing as soon as the Cygwin repo is migrated to Git,

Are you imagining Github style managed pull requests here? I expect Cygwin will be using their own hosting, which means you don't get that feature. That means you still need somewhere to email pull requests or patches, since we can predict in advance private email won't be allowed.

6. cygwin-developers
I think it's clear from the name. The list for developers of Cygwin itself.

Are you sure it isn't for developers who use Cygwin?

Or for people contributing patches for Cygwin?

Or for people working on the docs, or the web pages, or setup.exe?

Yes, I know all of these questions are answered on the 1,800 word list of rules about which list is for what. This is exactly the problem: that we need 1,800 words to direct traffic to 7 interactive lists.

My proposal takes only 36 words to direct traffic to 3 lists:

"Is it completely off topic? TITTL. Does it affect the development of Cygwin the project? Send it to -devel. No to both? It's probably of general interest, then, so it should go to the main list."


7. cygwin-licensing a list for people who need some lawe.
I have no interest in this kind of questions, but I see them popping around
every now and then. I don't understand them, but it seems, they are rather
important for some people.

There's about one new thread a year on that list. Shall we move discussion of...oh, I don't know....Cygwin's lilypond package off onto its own mailing list, too?

(Not picking on lilypond, just trying to think of another package with about one thread per year worth of interest here.)

(Of course, I'm not including the results from late... erm... "discussion"...
you know, which one I mean... where it was explicitly stated to "go away", and
explained, why.)

I started this thread as a result of a different discussion than the one I think you mean:

I can only see seven lists,

About 4 too many, IMO.

> of which one is barely cygwin-related,

Which one is that?

-talk?  I already proposed keeping that separate.

-xfree? It's separate only because it started off as a side project, and is still run that way. Shall we create other lists for TeX, Emacs, and GCC, too, just because they are also large and of interest to only part of the community?

The other 5 you have identified all seem entirely Cygwin-related to me.

one is unrelated,

Which one is that?

and three are developers-only mailing lists.

Are you sure that three is better than one?

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