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ezmlm problems with yahoo/AT&T senders

I've tried reporting this several different ways, apparently into a
black hole, so I'll try it here on the front list.

I preiodically get messages from ezmlm to the effect

	Hi! This is the ezmlm program. I'm managing the mailing list.

	Messages to you from the cygwin mailing list seem to
	have been bouncing. I've attached a copy of the first bounce
	message I received.

The referenced attached message is from the Yahoo/AT&T mailer and
the key thing is an error message + URL, which apparently ezmlm never
passes to anyone responsible:

	Permanent Failure: 
	554 REPLY: 554_5.7.9_Message_not_accepted_for_policy_reasons.

Checking the supplied URL reveals that the cygwin list does not comply
with the sender verification magic that Yahoo wants to see when an email
comes from a  Yahoo/AT&T address and is to be distributed to an AT&T/Yahoo

I have a address which now falls under Yahoo/AT&T
(and I'm sure there are many others on the list in a similar situation).
This means that *any* message *to* the cygwin list *from* an AT&T/Yahoo
address will not be delivered to me (or any other AT&T/Yahoo user)
and will be kicked back, putting us all on ezmlm's naughty list.

This is not something I can fix -- it has to be addressed at the mailing
list level as noted in the error URL.

I apologize for putting this here, but hopefully someone wil now see it.

Ted Nolan

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