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Bug executing "write" at Cygwin 1.7.31-2


I am preparing the new version 4.0.1 of Varnish.
I am using a Windows 8.1 machine, with all hotfix installed.

I have updated cygwin to 1.7.31-2 and launch Varnish package tests and some failed at "write" function.

After some investigations downloading snapshots, I have verified that:

 * Varnish tests works fine using 20140625 snapshot, downloaded from
 * Varnish tests fails using the next snapshot: 20140707, downloaded

When installing 20140707 snapshot or 1.7.31-2 release, all the problematic tests fails with similar messages:

1. ---- s1    1.5 Write failed: (212992 vs 1048234) No error
2. *    s1    1.7 Write failed: (212992 vs 1572908) No error
3. *    s1    1.7 Write failed: (212992 vs 500009) No error

This message is written by following code, at vtc_http.c file:

     * Finish and write the vsb to the fd

   static void
   http_write(const struct http *hp, int lvl, const char *pfx)
        ssize_t l;

        vtc_dump(hp->vl, lvl, pfx, VSB_data(hp->vsb), VSB_len(hp->vsb));
        l = write(hp->fd, VSB_data(hp->vsb), VSB_len(hp->vsb));
        if (l != VSB_len(hp->vsb))
            vtc_log(hp->vl, hp->fatal, "Write failed: (%zd vs %zd) %s",
                l, VSB_len(hp->vsb), strerror(errno));

hp->fd is a TCP socket and it seems that "write" function is only writing 212992 bytes for some strange reason

I will continue doing some investigations, but it seems that the problem is caused by some modification of that 20140707 snapshot:

Thank you,

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