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Re: (call-process ...) hangs in emacs

On 8/1/2014 9:32 AM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Aug  1 14:17, Peter Hull wrote:
On Fri, Aug 1, 2014 at 1:50 PM, Angelo Graziosi
<> wrote:
Since I upgraded to Cygwin-1.7.31*, I see similar issue in building Emacs
trunk (--with-w32 build)... The build always hangs in compiling some .el
file. CTRL-C does not work and I have to search the running processes with
"ps" and kill them with 'kill -9'. Downgrading to 1.7.30, things work
better. Now I am using 1.7.30...
By better, do you mean 'perfectly'? It seems like it might be a little
bit intermittent, from the reports I have seen.

It's easy enough to do a cvs rdiff between the releases if 1.7.30 is
known to be good - I am happy to help but I am unfamiliar with the
code so I don't know where to start looking...

It could be a problem with the new default pthread mutexes being
NORMAL, rather then ERRORCHECK mutexes.

That does seem to be the problem, since I can reproduce the bug starting with the 2014-07-14 snapshot. More precisely, I can reproduce it using emacs-nox (which is what the OP was using according to his cygcheck output) but not using emacs-X11 or emacs-w32.

I tried running emacs under gdb with a breakpoint at call_process, but all I could see from that is that emacs tries to fork a subprocess, but the call to fork() never returns. I also tried running it under strace, but again all I can see is that fork() is called and then everything seems to be at a standstill.

Corinna, if you want to take a look, here's the precise recipe:

1. emacs-nox -Q [This should start emacs and put you in the *scratch* buffer.]

2. Enter the following text into the buffer:

  (call-process "pwd" nil t)

3. Position the cursor at the end of the line and type Ctrl-j.

What should happen, and what does happen prior to the 2014-07-14 snapshot, is that the current directory is displayed, followed by the exit code of 0. What happens instead is that emacs appears to hang.


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