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Specifying multiple download sources on the setup command line


I need to do a reinstall from scratch, after my old setup fell apart.  I'll
be using Cygwin Ports as well as a regular Cygwin mirror, and, as I'm blind
and use the keyboard, this isn't easy to do with the current GUI
setut*.exe: you ought to be able to hold down control and use the up and
down arrow keys, then hit space bar (while still holding control) to select
or de-select a mirror site; but that functionality seems to be missing.  I
can hold shift and use up or down arrow to select more than one site, but
they have to be next to each other in the list, which the ones I'm after

So, the easiest option seems to be to use -s to specify download sites on
the command line.  However, I'm not clear what you're supposed to do in
order to specify two separate sites: do you use two separate -s options (-s
site1 -s site2), or do you give a (say) semi-colon-separated list, e.g. -s
site1;site2?  I presume you can, in fact, specify multiple download



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