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Re: Package file lists archive

Greetings, Larry Hall (Cygwin)!

>>> The above command works fine for me.  Have you tried this on a different
>>> machine or though a different network provider?
>> It is an intermittent problem. I will be having timeouts with Cygwin when other
>> websites will be working perfectly fine. This is the typical situation
>> - try "cygcheck -p", timeout
>> - try again, will work after 15 seconds
>> - try again, will work after 7 seconds
>> - try again, will work after 1 second, as expected
>> After that all will be normal, until I try it again several hours later and the
>> process just repeats.

> Interesting.  OK, I've been running it in a loop for the last half-hour and
> haven't seen any timeouts.  I suppose there could be a difference in local
> configuration if you're still seeing the issue.  If you think that could be
> coming into play, there may be some benefit to posting your cygcheck output
> to see if that suggests something.

There's little to see in Cygcheck, when you have flaky DNS servers, that
unable to respond timely.

Andrey Repin ( 08.08.2014, <02:43>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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