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Re: update just ruby on offline cygwin installation

Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
> On 08/07/2014 04:32 PM, LMH wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I have cygwin running on a box that does not have an internet
>> connection. I would like to update ruby to 1.9.3p448 to make it
>> compatible with some of my newer scripts. I'm not sure how to do that
>> without updating the entire installation, using a new installer, etc.
>> This is a fairly old install before mintty was the default terminal. It
>> would also be nice to switch to mintty if that is also possible under
>> the same circumstances.
> I don't think anyone here would really recommend the piecemeal updating
> of packages, though nothing prevents you from doing so.  Obviously, the
> more out-of-date your installation is, the more likely you may see some
> issues as a result.  If you're going to do this off-line, the easiest
> thing to do is the brute-force thing - mirror a mirror, grab the current
> setup*.exe, take both to the machine which you want to update, point
> setup*.exe at the mirrored packages, pick the ones you want to update
> and let it do its thing.  Success guaranteed.*
> * YMMV ;-)

Thanks for the information,

I am a bit uncertain about what you mean.

You said, "grab the current setup.exe"

Do you mean download the most recent one, or one from another machine
with an internet connection?

You said, "take both to the machine which you want to update"

Which "both" are you referring to? There is the one from, "grab the
current setup.exe", what setup.exe is the other half of "both", or am I
not getting that quit right?

You said, "point setup*.exe at the mirrored packages"

What do you mean by "mirrored packages"?

I assume that what you need to do is to copy over the install directory
from a more up to date installation, meaning the directory with the
mirror folders like,

and select one of these as the local package directory. Is that what you
mean? If so, should I use the most recent setup.exe or the one in the
existing installation (the one I want to update)?

How do I make sure that noting other than ruby gets updated?

I will back up the existing installation first in case I manage to bork
the thing.


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