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Re: setup.exe handles same packages in multiple mirrors badly

On 08/25/2014 01:33 PM, BjÃrn Kautler wrote:

I usually start setup.exe like "setup.exe -K"; and select the cygwinports mirror
and a "normal" mirror in the mirror selection page to have the
packages from both mirrors readily available, selectable and

Unfortunatley, setup.exe seems to not handle this properly if a
package is present on both mirrors. When I look at the available
versions for the git packages, then I only see the 1.8 versions from
cygwinports, not the newly released ones from the normal mirror. (yes,
I made sure I selected a mirror where the packages are already

In such a case I think setup.exe should provide the versions of all
the mirrors for selection and auto-select the newest version
cross-mirror for update.

Sure, a feature like this could be added to setup*.exe.  No doubt
anyone that wants to offer a patch to support this would receive a
thoughtful review of it. :-)

A few thoughts and points of clarification.

  1. cygwinports, while a commonly referred to site on this list, is not a
     site supported by or this list.

  2. cygwinports is more akin to a repository than a mirror.  All Cygwin
     (current, up-to-date, and valid) mirrors contain the same packages.
     cygwinports contains, typically, packages that are not distributed
     by and vice-versa.

  3. setup*.exe currently has a design to support Cygwin mirrors.  It's
     currently flexible (or dumb? ;-) ) enough to consider other
     repositories as well but this is not its primary function and doing
     so may reveal some of its limitations (as you've found).



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