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Re: Installing Cygwin on Server 2012 R2 failing

Sam Townsend writes:
>> It seems you are trying to install into the root directory of the C:
>> drive. Move it down a directory, maybe into C:\Freeware\Cygwin and
>> install there and I guess it will work.
> I tried installing to C:\sv\cygwin, and got the same problem.

With that out of the way, the next most likely culprit would be BLODA
(virus scanner or something like that).  Since the installation itself
seems to have worked, you can also try to do a full rebase on the
installation, removing all the ".done" extensions you may find in
/etc/postinstall, then running setup again without installing anything
to trigger the postinstall phase again.  Finally, the first install
might have left some process hanging so if you want to start over with
yet another installation a reboot seems in order before trying yet
another install.

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