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Re: Windows Server 2012R2 64bit and 32bit Cygwin sshd

On Sep  3 13:02, Achim Gratz wrote:
> Achim Gratz <Stromeko <at> NexGo.DE> writes:
> > > The strace shows that it doesn't even *try* to start bash, but it's
> > > entirely unclear why.
> > 
> > Is it possible to run sshd in gdb?
> I can attach the debugger but I didn't manage to break into something useful
> (or anything at all,  really).  However, the bug must be triggered by a race
> because with the debugger attached once in a blue moon I'll get the command
> actually executed correctly.  I'm running this on an 8-core machine, so it
> is very likely that each new thread hits a different core...

You already built your own Cygwin DLL, right?  What you could do is to
do some good old printf debugging.  First let's try to find out if it's
really one of the NetUser calls:

RCS file: /cvs/src/src/winsup/cygwin/,v
retrieving revision 1.57
diff -u -p -r1.57
---	22 May 2014 16:40:13 -0000	1.57
+++	3 Sep 2014 13:37:11 -0000
@@ -256,8 +256,10 @@ get_user_groups (WCHAR *logonserver, cyg
   /* Look only on logonserver */
+  debug_printf ("Before NetUserGetGroups");
   ret = NetUserGetGroups (logonserver, user, 0, (LPBYTE *) &buf,
 			  MAX_PREFERRED_LENGTH, &cnt, &tot);
+  debug_printf ("After NetUserGetGroups");
   if (ret)
       __seterrno_from_win_error (ret);
@@ -306,9 +308,11 @@ get_user_local_groups (PWCHAR logonserve
   DWORD cnt, tot;
+  debug_printf ("Before NetUserGetLocalGroups");
   ret = NetUserGetLocalGroups (logonserver, user, 0, LG_INCLUDE_INDIRECT,
 			       (LPBYTE *) &buf, MAX_PREFERRED_LENGTH,
 			       &cnt, &tot);
+  debug_printf ("After NetUserGetLocalGroups");
   if (ret)
       __seterrno_from_win_error (ret);


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