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Re: git Loaded to different address and X panel

On 8/2/2015 2:40 PM, Rexdf wrote:
2015-08-02 16:31 GMT+08:00 Marco Atzeri :

and provide as attachment the output of

  cygcheck -s -v -r > cygcheck.out

please also check the memory layout on


It should give hint which BLODA process is
interfering with git

$ rebase -si |grep cygcrypto-1.0.0.dll

base 0x5d760000 size 0x001f8000

$gdb git

 $ grep -a "OK$" /tmp/cygcheck.out  |wc -l

1) you have a bit too much packages for a 32bit installation.
   Collision on fork are very easy.

2) As you have a 64bit windows why you are not using a 64bit cygwin ?
   Fork issues will be much less.

3) In the area where cygwin dll's are expected to be loaded
there are system32 dll

5D910000-5D911000 r--p 00000000 0000:0000 0 /cygdrive/c/Windows/System32/wow64win.dll
5D9E5000-5D9E8000 r--p 00005000 0000:0000 0 /cygdrive/c/Windows/System32/wow64cpu.dll

while usually they are over 6A000000.
I am not familiar with Windows 10 on this issues, to understand
the reason, but may be W10 have more dll's than W7
and they need more space.


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