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Re: MinTTY 2.1.3 update breaks interoperability with ConEmu

Am 01.08.2015 um 14:19 schrieb Andrey Repin:
Greetings, Jim Reisert AD1C!

Please disregard this post. Checking the changelog reveals that this is
caused by a new feature, and can be overridden with the -d (--nodaemon)
Why isn't the old behavior the default (spawn one process), with the
new feature being *enabled* by the -d switch?  Wouldn't "-daemon" also
make more sense than "-nodaemon"?
Had the same question.
Because the purpose of the new behaviour is to ensure normal operation
when mintty is called from a cygwin console, i.e. within a normal cygwin
environment. Unfortunately, otherwise, signal delivery is broken within
mintty, e.g. ^C does not work. I guess this is some bug in cygwin
itself, if you like to help debug it :) , we may eventually revert to
the previous behaviour.
Suggestions for better solutions are welcome, and I will check to detect
ConEmu explicitly to make an exception in that case.

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