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Re: cygwin ssh login long login delay while showing "last login"

On 06.08.2015 18:52, wrote:

Peter writes:
>I have installed the cygwin ssh daemon on my w7 box with cygwin64.
>When I try to login I always get a long delay or timeouts on the client
>I get quick response for the password and then a showing "Last login: ..."
>At this point the connection hangs for about 30s to 1min before I
>finally get a login .
>This is what it shows when I try to do an ssh to my local host from my
>local host:
>$ ssh testuser <at> myw7host
>testuser <at> myw7host's password:
>Last login: Thu Aug  6 12:46:23 2015 from
>The password request and the Last login is almost instant but then it
>hangs for about a minute before I get the login .
>I also tried to ssh testuser <at> localhost or testuser <at>  but
>the effect is the same.
>How can I troubleshoot the issue?
It's unclear to me whether you're saying the delay is in completing the
"last login" line (and showing the IP address) or the delay is after the IP
address is shown and before you get a shell prompt.  If it's the first of
these, it sounds like there's a DNS timeout trying to find the machine name
for that address and failing.  If it's the second of these, I would suspect
something in one of the profile or login files for the shell involved.


Sorry for the confusion.
As I said I get quick response for the password and then that line showing the "Last Login: ..." stuff.
At this point I suppose that connection to the sshd has been established.
So I go with your suspicion about the profile or login files of the shell.
The thing that puzzles me ist that I do it from localhost to localhost and opening a cygwin terminal with bash on localhost takes less than 2 seconds.
From my understanding the login/profile stuff should be almost the same.
One thing that comes to my mind is that there may be something with my domain credentials. The password I need to supply is my windows domain login password, so I think I am logged in as the domain user. But if there is something wrong with the credentials it could be that during the login process there are attempts to access network shares which possibly fail and give timeouts. Thanks for pointing me in that direction so I am going to put some set -x into the login scripts to see if I can find the reason.


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