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Re: commands spends time in cygheap_user

In order to find the reason for the delay in processing the ls command, I did
some investigations with the following results:

As I wished to use cygwin in a local environment that is not permanently
connected to AD (mobile device), I modified the file /etc/nsswitch.conf
after having the long lasting ls command to the following contents:
    passwd:   files
    group:    files
After rebooting the effect remains (ls commands took about 5 sec to complete
for a local directory with 10 files).

After that I enabled the VPN tunnel to the AD domain and tried the ls
command again. To list the 10 files it now took only 0.9 sec. 

After closing the VPN tunnel to the AD domain, I had the 5 sec for the ls of
10 files again. So the problem seems to relate to the accessibility of the
AD domain. 
I have the impression, that the ls command always tries to connect to the AD
domain and only continues to work after it got a time out. The modification
of nsswitch.conf seems to have no effect to that behaviour.

As this cygwin version is not usable for me, I restored an old backup
The result is, that the same ls command now takes 0.020 sec. That means that
the new 2.2 version is 250 times slower!
But now I would like to know where I can download a consistent 1.7.28
distribution to be independent of the actual cygwin distribution and do an
installation from local directory.
Can somebody help or give a pointer?

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