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Re: can we see details of dependencies before committing to an install?

On 08/08/2015 17:52, Lester Ingber wrote:
I do not see any way we can see details of dependencies before committing
to an install?

For example, if I want to install Cygwin Octave, I can click on several
packages.  When I  continue to install, I have a page of dependencies,
like a lot of libs,that should also be installed.  That would be OK if
I could accept these, but before committing to an install, go back and
at least see the sizes of these dependencies.

One good reason is if I want to uninstall Octave, I am then stuck with
a lot of those dependencies that are not purged.  I do not know if there
is anything like a "purge" tool for Cygwin?

there is a tiny package cygcheck-dep,
that can provide the dependency and the recursive dependency :

$ /usr/bin/cygcheck-dep -S -R octave

octave: recursively requires ( base-cygwin bash ca-certificates coreutils cygwin dash desktop-file-utils dri-drivers gamin gawk ghostscript ghostscript-fonts-other ghostscript-fonts-std gsettings-desktop-schemas libamd0 libarpack0 libattr1 libaudio2 libbz2_1 libcamd0 libccolamd0 libcholmod0 libcolamd0 libcom_err2 libcrypt0 libcurl4 libcxsparse0 libdb5.3 libedit0 libexpat1 libfam0 libffi6 libfftw3_3 libFLAC8 libfltk1.3 libfontconfig1 libfreetype6 libgcc1 libgfortran3 libGL1 libgl2ps1 libglapi0 libglib2.0_0 libglpk36 libGLU1 libgmp10 libGraphicsMagick++11 libGraphicsMagick3 libgs9 libgsm1 libgssapi_krb5_2 libhdf5_10 libICE6 libiconv2 libidn11 libintl8 libjasper1 libjbig2 libjpeg8 libk5crypto3 libkrb5_3 libkrb5support0 liblapack0 liblcms1 liblcms2_2 libllvm3.5 liblzma5 libmetis0 libmng1 libmpfr4 libncursesw10 libogg0 libopenblas libopenldap2_4_2 libopenssl100 libOSMesa8 libp11-kit0 libpaper-common libpaper1 libpcre1 libpng16 libqhull_6 libqrupdate0 libqscintilla2-common libqscintilla2_11 libQtCore4 libQtGui4 libQtNetwork4 libQtOpenGL4 libquadmath0 libreadline7 libsasl2_3 libSM6 libsndfile1 libssh2_1 libstdc++6 libsuitesparseconfig0 libtasn1_6 libtiff6 libumfpack0 libuuid1 libvorbis libvorbis0 libvorbisenc2 libwebp5 libwmf027 libX11-xcb1 libX11_6 libXau6 libxcb-glx0 libxcb1 libXcursor1 libXdmcp6 libXext6 libXfixes3 libXft2 libXi6 libXinerama1 libxml2 libXrandr2 libXrender1 libXt6 p11-kit p11-kit-trust sed shared-mime-info terminfo tzcode which zlib0 _update-info-dir )

I would say the octave is on the heavy side as it uses a
good quantity of math and graphic libraries.
Cygcheck is on the the tiny side

$ /usr/bin/cygcheck-dep -S -R cygcheck-dep

cygcheck-dep: recursively requires ( base-cygwin bash bzip2 ca-certificates coreutils cygwin libattr1 libbz2_1 libffi6 libgcc1 libgmp10 libgnutls28 libhogweed2 libiconv2 libidn11 libintl8 libncursesw10 libnettle4 libp11-kit0 libpcre1 libreadline7 libstdc++6 libtasn1_6 libuuid1 p11-kit p11-kit-trust sed terminfo wget zlib0 _update-info-dir )


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