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Re: can we see details of dependencies before committing to an install?

Lester Ingber <ingber <at>> writes:
> I do not see any way we can see details of dependencies before committing
> to an install?

Patches welcome, I suppose.

> For example, if I want to install Cygwin Octave, I can click on several
> packages.  When I  continue to install, I have a page of dependencies,
> like a lot of libs,that should also be installed.  That would be OK if
> I could accept these, but before committing to an install, go back and
> at least see the sizes of these dependencies.
> One good reason is if I want to uninstall Octave, I am then stuck with
> a lot of those dependencies that are not purged.  I do not know if there
> is anything like a "purge" tool for Cygwin?

Not yet.  The next version of setup will have a switch (--prune) that can
set an installation back to the specified set of packages.  It's meant for
scripted installs, however, so you'd need to keep records of what packages
you had installed manually if you wanted to use it.


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