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Re: X: Authorization required, but no authorization protocol specified

At 2015-08-10 15:44, Achim Gratz was heard to say:
Markus Hoenicka <markus.hoenicka <at>> writes:
I've noticed the discussion about those changes, but I don't fully
understand the impact of them  (and hopefully I don't have to). But I
don't think my problem argues against Corinna's changes because HOME
does not exist in my Windows environment. HOMEDRIVE and HOMEPATH exist
though. I suppose HOME is set by some scripts in /etc as the docs

So what are these environment variables set to and what is the value of
$HOME? I don't see how what you've described could result in the windows
path for $HOME that you've shown.  Additionally, the location of the
.Xauthority file suggests that $HOME has a different value when this file
gets created and somehow has changed later when you try to start an X

set|more in a DOS box shows:


I don't know if these are relevant if you use roaming profiles though. The path I've shown as $HOME is not arcane at all. In a windows exlorer, this is something like H:/My Documents/home/<username>. But why do you think that HOME can be subject to changes during a session? And why does it *not* change if I set HOME to a local drive?


Markus Hoenicka
AQ score 38

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