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Re: Qt5: QDir::mkpath() fails for /cygdrive/ paths

On Aug 12 22:59, David Stacey wrote:
> On 09/07/2015 20:14, David Stacey wrote:
> >QDir::mkpath() fails when creating paths that start '/cygdrive/'. This
> >problem is only shown with Qt5 (not Qt4), and only with paths that start
> >'/cygdrive/' (so running from my home directory '~' is fine). This is not
> >a permissions problem, as it works fine with Qt4.
> >
> >Sample programme is below. Compile for Qt5 as per the comments. 'cd
> >/cygdrive/X' where X is a local drive where you have permissions to create
> >a directory. Run './create_directory new_dir' and it fails to create the
> >directory. Programme works fine when compiled with Qt4.
> I have updated to libQt5Core5-5.4.2-2, and I'm still getting this problem.
> Is anyone else able to reproduce this, or offer some insight as to why it
> might be failing? For completeness, my example programme is included below.

I guess somebody has to debug this... :}


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